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Use this site to find out more about our theatrical productions. Click on the current semester in the menu above to find a list of our shows. Then click on a title to find out about the show, the company working on it, and much more. Or click “Learn more” to go to our latest production.

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Meet the Dramaturgs…

Pandemic Blues

This pandemic has taken away one of the pillars of theatre, bodies in spaces. Our industry relies on the magic created by a room of people. Point blank. It is why we aren’t in film or radio dramas (until now of course). As I was brainstorming for this, I was watching the screensaver float oldContinue reading “Pandemic Blues”

Social Media and Me

One of the main ways I interact with the world now is through social media. As I said in my little welcome note, my friends are now spread out all over the globe and keeping in contact with them gets increasingly harder as the days go by. Only through social media posts, instant messages ofContinue reading “Social Media and Me”

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