MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Character Breakdown

Leonato: Father of Hero, uncle to Beatrice. Elderly nobleman whose home is where the play is set.

Hero: Daughter of Leonato. Young, beautiful, privileged. Romantic interest of Claudio.

Beatrice: Orphaned niece of Leonato, cousin to Hero. Intelligent and has the “gift of the gab.” Often wins battles of wit against Benedick. Not privileged. Romantic interest of Benedick.

Don Pedro: Friend of Leonato, Benedick and Claudio. Governmental leader of the region. Generous, kind, loyal, and quick to protect his friends.

Benedick: Friend of Don Pedro and Claudio. Aristocratic U.S. soldier who is very witty, swears he will never marry, romantic interest of Beatrice.

Claudio: Friend of Don Pedro and Benedick. Young U.S. soldier and suspicious by nature. Romantic interest of Hero.

Don John: Don Pedro’s half-brother. Envious and sullen by nature. Antagonist of play.

Conrad and Hortensio: Don John’s followers and associates.

Margaret: Attendant to Hero, wishes to marry well, lower class

Ursula: Attendant to Hero, not privileged

Balthasar: Attendant to Don Pedro, house servant and musician

Dogberry: Lead deputy, serious manner, wishes to speak like a nobleman

Verges: Sheriff, Dogberry’s friend

The Watch: town policeman hired by Leonato

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