Grunge Playlist

Our adaptation of As You Like It is set in the period of 1990s grunge. One of the primary ways we establish this setting is through music. Grunge music of the 90s is a genre of rock music which utilizes electric guitar and lyrics about the misery of life, characteristic of the grunge subculture. Take a look and a listen to this playlist compiling some iconic songs from the era. Using songs like these for inspiration, SDSU’s Touring Shakespeare class teamed up with the Electronic Music Composition class. Music students were given specific moments in the show to compose for, some of which were selected to be included in the performance.

To get an idea of what grunge music sounds like, take a listen to the following playlist. Content Warning: Keep in mind that because of the intensity of grunge, many of these songs contain dark themes and explicit language.*

*Here is a list of Non-Explicit Songs (although many still contain dark themes):

“River of Deceit” – Mad Season

“Seether” – Veruca Salt

“Blow Up the Outside World” – Soundgarden

“Shadow of the Season” – Screaming Trees

“Superunknown” – Soundgarden

“Cherub Rock” – The Smashing Pumpkins

“Burn a Hole” – Skin Yard

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