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MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Character Breakdown

Leonato: Father of Hero, uncle to Beatrice. Elderly nobleman whose home is where the play is set. Hero: Daughter of Leonato. Young, beautiful, privileged. Romantic interest of Claudio. Beatrice: Orphaned niece of Leonato, cousin to Hero. Intelligent and has the “gift of the gab.” Often wins battles of wit against Benedick. Not privileged. Romantic interestContinue reading “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Character Breakdown”

Much Ado About Nothing

Performances October 30-November 1, 2020. Find out more about our show by clicking on the Links below.See the PLAYBILL for Much Ado About Nothing at the bottom of this page. William Shakespeare Character Breakdown for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Commentary from Dramaturg for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Design for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING CAST:Don Pedro: Roosevelt GreenBalthasar/FirstContinue reading “Much Ado About Nothing”

William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing was written by William Shakespeare between the years of 1598 and 1599. Shakespeare was an English actor, poet, and playwright born on April 26th, 1564. He is widely regarded as the greatest writer of the English language and the world’s most known dramatist. He is also known as “The Bard” orContinue reading “William Shakespeare”

Meet EMILY SAPP, Dramaturg for Two Lakes, Two Rivers and Much Ado About Nothing

Emily is a graduate student in the Women’s Studies department. She serves as the dramaturg for Two Lakes, Two Rivers and Much Ado About Nothing in the SDSU Theatre Season. I have had a very busy summer. I am working on the first two productions of the SDSU Theatre season, and we have had meetingsContinue reading “Meet EMILY SAPP, Dramaturg for Two Lakes, Two Rivers and Much Ado About Nothing”

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