What is an Acting Troupe? Who Was Charlemagne??

Charlemagne (c.742-814) was a warrior, a king, and a crusader for the Christian Church. He ruled most of early medieval Europe after inheriting it from his father, Peppin The Short. More accurately it was split up between Charlemagne and his brother Carloman, but that didn’t last for long after Carloman died giving the entire regionContinue reading “What is an Acting Troupe? Who Was Charlemagne??”

PIPPIN’s Production History

1972 – Pippin‘s Broadway Debut Opening on October 23 in 1972 in the Minskoff theatre, Pippin had a production team of up and coming stars. Stephen Schwartz on music/lyrics and Bob Fosse on direction/choreography this duo came together to create the show we all now know and love. They were up and coming enough forContinue reading “PIPPIN’s Production History”

How to Make Music In Different Rooms

Rob Meffe, Music Director and online music wizard, walks us through how he compiled the voices of the ensemble. There are only eight cast members in the SDSU production of Pippin, and there are many moments of the show that require an entire cast of singers singing together in wonderful majestic moments. So how do weContinue reading “How to Make Music In Different Rooms”

CHESS in Concert Featured in Broadway World

Broadway World did a feature article on SDSU’s colossal production of CHESS in Concert. The massive collaboration involved over 200 students, faculty, and staff. The MFA in Musical Theatre Program, the Undergraduate Musical Theatre Program, the Television, Film, and New Media Program, and both a choir and an orchestra from the School of Music &Continue reading “CHESS in Concert Featured in Broadway World”

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Character Breakdown

Leonato: Father of Hero, uncle to Beatrice. Elderly nobleman whose home is where the play is set. Hero: Daughter of Leonato. Young, beautiful, privileged. Romantic interest of Claudio. Beatrice: Orphaned niece of Leonato, cousin to Hero. Intelligent and has the “gift of the gab.” Often wins battles of wit against Benedick. Not privileged. Romantic interestContinue reading “MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Character Breakdown”

Much Ado About Nothing

Performances October 30-November 1, 2020. Find out more about our show by clicking on the Links below.See the PLAYBILL for Much Ado About Nothing at the bottom of this page. William Shakespeare Character Breakdown for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Commentary from Dramaturg for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Design for MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING CAST:Don Pedro: Roosevelt GreenBalthasar/FirstContinue reading “Much Ado About Nothing”


Surya Iyer received her MFA in Film Production from SDSU in Spring 2020. Her thesis film, Namak, reveals the fraught relationships among different strata of Indian society. The film is set in 1930 during a massive protest led by Mahatma Gandhi against the British salt tax. When the protesters, who are allied with one anotherContinue reading “MEET SURYA IYER, Dramaturg for METAMORPHOSIS”

About Two Lakes, Two Rivers

Two Lakes, Two Rivers by Laura Jacqmin is a world premiere directed by Dani Bedau as part of the Arts Alive Discovery Series. See below to learn more about the show and the playwright Two Lakes, Two Rivers is a play about three college-aged friends living in a north-Midwestern town that has seen too manyContinue reading “About Two Lakes, Two Rivers”

Introducing Dr. SHELLEY ORR, Dramaturgy Adviser

Dr. Shelley Orr, Associate Professor and Head of the MA in Theatre Arts, serves as the adviser to student Dramaturgs who work on the SDSU Season of Plays and Musicals. You can find out more about her here: SHELLEY ORR’S BIO You may be wondering, “what exactly is a dramaturg?” Dramaturgs have been working inContinue reading “Introducing Dr. SHELLEY ORR, Dramaturgy Adviser”