Welcome to our world of PIPPIN!
We are so excited to have you here. Please see our Pippin Playbill, below.

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A Note From Me

My name is Charlie Meffe and I was the dramaturg for this fabulous production! I am here to give you brief glances into our process and what we do. I created an actor’s packet that I will be referring too throughout – be sure to check it out!

The beauty and the beast of working on this show remotely is that I will only ever see this show through the same lens as you. I cannot be there in person to give the team a congratulatory hug after nailing that riff or feel the exertion they are putting into this production. However, I can create new and fun ways to interact and explore materials I have collected for you.

The goal is for everyone who sees our production to connect with Pippin on some level – from wondering where our place is in the world or questioning the darkest parts of our thoughts. Personally, I connect to Pippin by being a recent college grad who is trying to figure out I am during a global pandemic. My purpose in life – theatre – was upended like all of us. Who am I really?

All of that to say, I just moved away from all of my friends in Chicago and have only been in contact with them through screens. It is so much easier to put on the song and dance that everything is fine if they can only see the part of my apartment that isn’t covered in clothes.

This song was in my head as I crafted materials for this show

We are all just trying to figure out who we are, and in the mean time I find myself hiding behind the glory of an instagram filter. I have been thinking about Fosse’s razzle dazzle technique in conjunction with the filter we put on for social media. Finding ourselves and our purpose in life is hard enough. Having to do that and showcase that entire process to the world in a PANDEMIC makes me want to crawl back into bed. So I am going to do that, catch you later.

A Little Look Behind the Scenes

A picture from rehearsal!

Some History, Both Ours and Others

Some spectacular lighting

What the Actor Sees

Pandemic Blues

This pandemic has taken away one of the pillars of theatre, bodies in spaces. Our industry relies on the magic created by a room of people. Point blank.…

Social Media and Me

One of the main ways I interact with the world now is through social media. As I said in my little welcome note, my friends are now spread…

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