What is an Acting Troupe? Who Was Charlemagne??

Charlemagne (c.742-814) was a warrior, a king, and a crusader for the Christian Church. He ruled most of early medieval Europe after inheriting it from his father, Peppin The Short. More accurately it was split up between Charlemagne and his brother Carloman, but that didn’t last for long after Carloman died giving the entire regionContinue reading “What is an Acting Troupe? Who Was Charlemagne??”

PIPPIN’s Production History

1972 – Pippin‘s Broadway Debut Opening on October 23 in 1972 in the Minskoff theatre, Pippin had a production team of up and coming stars. Stephen Schwartz on music/lyrics and Bob Fosse on direction/choreography this duo came together to create the show we all now know and love. They were up and coming enough forContinue reading “PIPPIN’s Production History”

How to Make Music In Different Rooms

Rob Meffe, Music Director and online music wizard, walks us through how he compiled the voices of the ensemble. There are only eight cast members in the SDSU production of Pippin, and there are many moments of the show that require an entire cast of singers singing together in wonderful majestic moments. So how do weContinue reading “How to Make Music In Different Rooms”